September 21, 2003

If you walk around Ann Arbor you'll see a bunch of graffiti (sharpie, stencil, paint). Sometimes they seem to promote some sort of message. The following existed on 2003/9/21. I've updated this page recently to make it uniform with the other pages.

This one's been here for awhile and is worn a bit. It has sort of a 9-11 /

The message here is pretty simple.

Just do something..

Smoking a joint counts..

This guy knows..

But Jim Nothing of Channel 6 News..

Is not related to The Nothing.

This is kinda cool in a self-referential kinda way.

Viral Manifesto is the title of a book published by University of Michigan grad Joel Van Noord. Thanks Kristen!

Tom Selleck or Saddam Hussein?

And finally... home. All photos were taken on this block. The tower in the back is my home. The cutoff building on the bottom is my office.

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